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Whit has a calming, grounding presence. She makes you feel both listened to and heard. You can tell she cares just as much about your dream as you do, and that she will be championing alongside you to make sure it becomes reality. Whit is creative, empathetic, and wise.

- Beth T.

Work With Me

One-On-One Coaching

Nothing is more powerful than the coach/client partnership. We can move mountains together. Visit How I Work and What is Coaching for specifics about my methodology. It all starts with commitment, from there it doesn't have to be hard, just gentle steps into the flow, and you'll find that everything has changed, that you were there all along. 

Before you commit to individual sessions we will meet for a free hour long discovery session. In that session we will feel out our compatibility and talk about what support you are in need of and if coaching is right for you. 

If both of us feel it's a good fit and there is availability we can discuss your commitment to either 4 or 6 months of working together. Either time frame can be extended if you and I agree it would be helpful for your journey.

Coaching is really about commitment! Commitment to yourself. Once you've decided you're going to go for it, and do whatever it takes it doesn't have to be hard, it just takes closing your eyes and jumping in. 

Group Course - Beginning Summer 2024

for 6 Weeks - Limited Availability

This course is designed to achieve a dream. We'll connect to ourselves, set our own unique goals and use the 6 weeks for encouragement, self discovery and to reach for the stars. This is a live course, 1 hour every Monday on a set topic. We will be practicing self love, and following our desires to practice the art of stepping into our True lives. Over the course of the 6 weeks you will receive continual support and will be encouraged to work with me and your fellow dreamers to realize your goal. Anything is possible. Where do you feel called to go? Let's find out and get you there.

Details TBC. Sign up to receive more information when we have it!

Self Love Free Download

Some basic practices you can start today to step into yourself. All it takes is starting. Tiny steps go a long way.

Check back, this and more free resources coming soon!

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