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I have just had my fourth face to face coaching session with Whit, I feel so lucky to have found her. I have already seen so much change and I cannot wait to continue to work with her and see more results. 
I highly recommend to anyone struggling. 

- Louisa, UK

About Me

I am gentle and kind, enthusiastic and loving, deeply sensitive and naturally calm. I care deeply. I get wildly excited watching other women find their truth and succeed in their True lives. I started my own active journey of self discovery over twenty years ago. From there I've dug, meandered, sometimes dragged myself along my life path, until I learned to listen to myself. In what I can only describe as learning how to come home I have found a freedom and joy I once doubted was possible. Among other things listening is what lead me to coaching, pointing me to helping other women navigate their own winding paths.

I am constantly in a state of education, as there is no means to an end. I have more recently studied with some of the best including Suzanne Eder, iPEC Coaching, Martha Beck, Catalyst 14 and Jen Sincero. I am constantly in a the place of deep appreciation for all those lifting others to make this world a more connected, awakened and loving place. I believe deeply in the power of coaching, and yes, I rely on one myself. 

I was raised North of Seattle, have lived in Paris, Glasgow, New York City and Santa Fe, New Mexico. I now reside in London. I am the proud mother of three young children who teach me more about life than any other education ever could. 

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